Kaolin Face Mask thoroughly cleans and leaves your face feeling super soft.

Kaolin Clay Mask

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One of our best all natural clay masks. Our Kaolin Face Mask thoroughly cleans and leaves your face feeling super soft. A light clay you mix in a 3:1 ratio of clay to water (or substitute one of our Alcohol free Toners instead). Mix as you need means you won't be applying nasty preservatives to your face found in many prepared face masks. Finish up with a spritz from one of our Face Mists for a truly pampered feeling.




35 g (1.23 oz)

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I tried a few of your products and the one product that works is the mask. The next day is smoothes my face and relieves the itching. I have suffered from severe eczema for about 10 years now so it's difficult to find something you don't react too and I often have to change products often.

Purifying Face Mask

Great! Loved it, as well as the body lotion

Laura B.
Most effective face mask I have ever tried.

This Moroccan clay mask is fantastic. I left it on until dry and then I actually peeled back some of the larger pieces of clay, while they were still hard. Doing so removed all my clogged pores and left my skin tight and blemish free. The mask gets really, really tight as it hardens. After it was done though, my skin was soft and glowing. This is the most effective face mask I have ever tried, and two weeks later, my skin tone is still much more even than it usually is.