Deluxe Ceramic Shaving Set with SLS-free soap

Deluxe Ceramic Shaving Set with SLS-free soap
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This deluxe set includes everything you need to begin shaving like your grandfather once did.  Classic for  a reason, the wet shave makes shaving a pleasant experience rather than a chore.  The Italian Boar Hair Brush gets the lather under all your whiskers and the Spanish Double-Edged Safety Razor cuts nice and close the first pass.  And.... after you have gone through the package of 5 blades (which will take longer than you think!), replacement blades are only $5 for the pack.  Each bowl comes filled with 200g (7oz) of our SLS-free shaving soap.  

Tip:  If you've gone a couple of days between shaves, keep a damp facecloth nearby and back wipe your razor to clean the stubble out.