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Our Natural Skin Care Philosophy

100% natural skin care is not a luxury only for a select few - it is something we all deserve.  Fiore Botanica Natural Skin Care® was born when founding partner Kathleen Quinlan wanted to limit her exposure to unnatural chemicals and carcinogens in personal care products but found none on the market.  With her Aromatherapy training, she embarked on a mission to create truly natural skin care. Using heirloom recipes that were passed down to her and adjusting them for the modern day, Kathleen hand makes all of our products using only the best ingredients from around the world.  We use only the best luscious moisturizing oils, therapeutic grade essential oils, and natural preservatives.  We at Fiore Botanica are passionate about creating the best products for you at a price that we all can afford.

All products are registered with Health Canada.