Natural or naturally derived ingredients-what's the difference?

Simply put natural ingredients remain natural throughout the process of preparing them for use in products. This is done by only using other natural ingredients in that process. Naturally derived ingredients are extracted using toxic chemical processes and then are modified to artificially recreate an ingredient. Our ingredients remain 100% natural from the earth to our finished product.

What are essential oil natural blends?

Not to be confused with blending essential oils: natural blends are essential oils combined with aromatic compounds and are 10% synthetic in composition. Natural blends contain no therapeutic benefits of the true essential oils they are mimicking. They're often used as a cheap alternative even in products listed as all natural. You won't find them in our products, we use only the highest grade therapeutic essential oils.  

Do I need to keep my products refrigerated?

Only if you like cold cream and some people do! Applying cool cream to your face helps to reduce puffiness so it really is a personal preference. Our products have natural preservatives and can safely be stored using the same best practices as other skin care products; in a cool, dry place that's out of direct sunlight. 

My soaps have a slightly different colour this time. Is that a problem?

Actually it shows that our ingredients are natural! We don't use synthetic colours,  boosters or stabilizers so our products will reflect the natural state of the ingredients. With each harvest the effects of climate during the growing season can alter the look of an ingredient but not its quality. 

What language is the ingredient list in?

INCI (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredient) is the required terminology for listing ingredients on cosmetic labels by Health Canada. It's considered multilingual and is based on Latin. We know what you mean, it can make it difficult to identify ingredients. 

Do your products have a strong scent?

The essential oils in our face care are present for their therapeutic benefits. Unadulterated true essential oils are powerful so less is needed. Soaps and body care have a more substantial scent but the scent left on your skin is either light or none at all. Most people find our products' scents not strong.

Do you have unscented choices?

Our products are made with a variety of natural ingredients that each have their own light scent. The closest to unscented would be products that are marked Original formula.