• Enjoy your holiday shopping, naturally.

  • Enjoy multiple DISCOUNTS and SAVINGS.

  • 100% natural skin care. Made in Canada.

It's not marketing, it's our truth...

From the beginning our skin care was formulated to be 100% natural. We didn't jump on the wagon, we've been steering it since 1997. We never have or will expose you to "dirty" ingredients.

Feel good about yourself and your skin care...

Making you feel bad about yourself to sell skin care products and then exposing you to harmful ingredients is not what we're about. Non judgemental, affordable and 100% natural, that's our idea of beauty.

Elegant and environmental...

Every choice made in bringing our natural skin care to you is thoughtfully considered. From how our ingredients are grown and harvested to our packaging and shipping, we want our environmental impact to be as beneficial as possible.

  • Cruelty free, vegan & ethically sourced ingredients.

  • Minimal packaging means less to recycle.

Our Free Shipping Offer for Canada and the USA

FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50CAD within Canada and $100USD to the USA (before taxes and after any discount is applied). Please note that shipping times may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control.