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Beard Care - Fiore Botanica Natural Skin Care
Beard Care - Fiore Botanica Natural Skin Care

Beard Conditioner

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You love the way it looks, but necessarily the way it feels.  It can get a little rough, and the skin underneath can get itchy and dry.  You've tried beard oils, but you ended up being a dirt magnet, and the oily residue, well, just wasn't doing it for you.  Our leave-in Beard Conditioner leaves no residue, but still has the moisturizing properties for your skin and beard that you are looking for.  Lightly scented with a subtle masculine blend of patchouli, spearmint and clary sage.


60 ml (2 fl oz)


When beard is still soft from the shower or washing, lightly coat your fingers with Beard Conditioner and massage into the beard all the way down to the skin. 



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