Seaweed Scrub

Seaweed Scrub
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We've taken the richest botanical the ocean here has to offer and created the perfect Seaweed Scrub.  An abundant source of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and nutrients, seaweed when applied to the skin acts as a powerful purifier.  It sloughs off dead skin cells, draws out impurities and leaves your skin glowing.  Perfect for any skin type!  It alleviates chaffing, cracking and roughness and is ideal for oily and acne prone skin.  We also included 3 essential oils known for their detoxing properties.

How could we make it even better?  We added Dead Sea Salt as the exfoliater.  Dead Sea Salt contains the highest concentration of minerals in the world.  These soothing minerals help to relax the body and mind.  

True, unadulterated seaweed botanical has a distinctive scent.  Once you see and feel the results you'll quickly come to LOVE this product and make it a "must have."

Contains iodine

200 ml (6.75 fl oz)



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