Truly natural - honestly...

Anyone who has visited us at Fiore Botanica knows that we take great pride in the purity of our ingredients and the quality of the products made from them. All our products are developed and handmade onsite in Canada by us, not a third party manufacturer in another country. We do this to ensure our high standards are met and that our clients can feel confident that they are buying truly natural products.  

We have received many inquiries over the past few days in regards to SCS being used in baby products as a safe alternative to SLS. At Fiore Botanica we do not use SLS or SCS in any of our products including those in our Baby's Breath Line. We have taken our cue from the American Council on Science and Health which stated "There is nothing natural about SLS, SCS, or any other sulfate detergent--no matter how you manufacture it."  

Fiore Botanica can honestly say that all our products are truly natural.