Give your lips a boost

Do you ever feel like you're applying layer after layer of lip balm only to find your lips still feel dry and irritated? Lots of companies use certain ingredients that cause inflammation and the loss of hydration in your lips. It's their way of keeping you applying and ultimately buying their product. Ingredients to stay away from in lip balms are camphor, menthol, salicylic acid, and especially "fragrance" or "parfum." Synthetic flavours are usually full of alcohols, a dehydrating agent and irritant for the skin. The other problem with many lip balms made by large commercial companies is their use of occlusive ingredients, these are ingredients that create an artificial barrier. Overuse of products with occlusive ingredients such as petrolatum cause the skin to stop maintaining its own hydration. That doesn't benefit you!
Fiore Botanica uses 100% beeswax in all our lip balms to give you the best of both worlds; a protective barrier that allows your lips to breathe while delivering that extra needed moisture. While the beeswax provides a semi-occlusive barrier, it's important while using even our natural product to not overuse, encouraging your own skin's hydrating ability. Lip Balms help by giving a little boost.  
Using essential oils, nourishing coconut oils, and the added benefit of zinc oxide in our Before Sun, treat your lips with Fiore Botanica's Lip Balms.