Why is SLS-free so important?

Why is it important for you to know that all our soaping products are Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate free? First of all the main purpose of SLS is to create lots of bubbles that break down oil. That's why it's so popular in soaps used in industry or the ones you use at home. However the corrosive properties of SLS bubbles also can break down the fats and proteins that make up your skin and muscles. Evidence of this can be dermatitis, dandruff, and in the case of toothpaste, canker sores. Did you know that SLS emits toxic sodium and sulfur oxides when heated? You don't need that in your morning shower. But the most damaging effect of SLS is its ability to act as a penetration enhancer. Because it's molecules are so small they can cross the membrane of your body's cells. When SLS is mixed with other chemicals such as TEA, DEA, or MEA (all which are widely used in soaps and shampoos) carcinogenic substances known as nitrosames can be formed and released into your body. Wow, and all you wanted to do was wash your hands! Worry free, safe, and natural bubbles is what you'll enjoy in Fiore Botanica's soaps.