Purely Natural

The best therapeutic oils and ingredients from around the world blended by a master Aromatherapist trained in the European tradition

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free

Gentle soaps that clean without stripping your skin

Zero Petroleums

Only natural ingredients that moisturize and let your skin breathe

No microbeads

Not ever - only natural exfoliants that are safe for you and the environment


About our Face Cream: I have tried countless commercial creams that promise to do this... Guarantee to do that.... But this one out performs them all!!! It is non-greasy and yet leaves your face feeling smooth and soft. I love the lavendar geranium. It relaxes you when used as a night cream and calms you when used as a day cream. Combined with Fiore's eye cream and it's a winning combination to keep those little wrinkles at bay!!!!

Amanda K.

About our Face Cream: At 66 years of age I have used more than a few products and this is the one I am going to stay with. My skin is happy - feels great and looks great. I recommend this for anyone.

Anne S.

About our Face Cream: I've always avoided moisturizers that contain oil because I have oily skin that is prone to breakouts. I stopped in the Fiore store while visiting Lunenburg last month and decided to give this a try. I've been using the Neutral cream since mid September and I love it. Its very lightweight and not at all greasy. My skin looks better than ever and I haven't had a single breakout!


About our Deodorant: Highly recommended! I get complemented on the scent of my deodorant all the time without people knowing that's what the great smell is! hehe. This product feels great, smells great and will last you through the day which can sometimes be a challenge with natural deodorant!

Meag S.

About our Problem Skin Formula: For the last fifteen plus years, I have spent countless dollars and hours with drugstore products, and prescriptions drugs, only to have them overpower my already sensitive skin with drying ingredients that in turn made my skin produce more sebum to counteract the effects, and ending up with more blemishes. I am so pleased to say that after two weeks of using the “problem skin [formula]” cleanser on my face, my skin is totally different. I can finally go out of the house without having to apply heavy concealers and foundations in order to hide my blemishes! My skin is soft, smooth and hydrated. I will definitely be frequenting your shop many times to try all the wonderful items in store. Thank you so much for creating my “miracle in a blue bottle”!

A. N.